Earl Sanders

Financial Planning Assistant

Earl Sanders joined the Pleasant Hill branch of the Wealth Consulting Group as a financial planning assistant in October 2020. Previously, Earl was the owner/operator of Pension Metrix, a third-party retirement plan administration company for over 30 years. He sold Pension Metrix in 2019 and tried retirement; however, that was short-lived.

Sally and Earl met as colleagues at another financial services firm in 1989. That was the start of a long, professional collaboration in the retirement arena. After a fortuitous conversation with Sally and Jeanette in the Fall of 2020, Earl joined the team as a paraplanner, providing support for their ongoing comprehensive wealth planning services. Earl coordinates client accounts, assists the financial advisors with financial plans and performs in-depth research on complex issues. He is also the operations manager for the team and is really enjoying his exciting new career and helping make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Earl was born and raised in Pennsylvania and lived mostly in the northeast before relocated to San Francisco in 1987. He moved his business and family to Sacramento in 2015 and continues his residency there. He is very happy to have settled and lived in Northern California for the last 35 years. Earl graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in the late 70s and stills enjoys cooking as an avid hobby. He currently takes various on-line courses in ancient history, having majored in Art History and Classics at Denison University. Earl is currently a member of River City Rowing Club and enjoys the early morning rows on Lake Washington.