Ian M. Jones AIF®

Partner, Personal CFO

Ian’s philosophy of creating comprehensive plans for all types of markets has resulted in a successful wealth management practice spanning over 25 years. Ian takes a consultative, ground up approach with focus on clients wants and needs.

Most financial planning is based on a top-down approach - essentially determining a client's level of investment assets and then recommending an asset allocation strategy. Ian’s philosophy takes a contrarian - holistic approach by focusing on a client's specific needs and identifying potential pitfalls & shortages before making a single recommendation.

Once a client understands their needs, Ian makes a formal recommendation that include strategies that seek to preserve their lifestyles through all market cycles.

Ian helps pre-retirees set their expectations for retirement, both when they can reasonably retire and what type of lifestyle they can expect. Meanwhile Ian helps current retirees with strategies aimed at making their money last without impacting their current lifestyle.

Ian was born and raised in the UK. Ian lived and worked in San Diego and London between 1988 and 1997. In 1998 Ian took up residence solely in San Diego, becoming a US citizen in 2004. Ian lives with his two daughters Summer and Hannah.

Ian is an avid Soccer fan whose hobbies include golf, home improvement projects and helping with the family’s animal care foster program in partnership with the San Diego Humane Society

Asked how he would hope others would describe him; Ian answered. Smart, consultative, comprehensive, qualified, accessible, grounded, honest.

Email Ian at: ianjones@wealthcg.com

Advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor. Ian M. Jones is a registered representative with LPL Financial.​