Barclay Callender CPWA®, CPFA

Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative

I help you put your jigsaw puzzle together. 

When you come into the office I look at the picture on your "puzzle box”. I want to understand, in detail what the picture (your goal) should look like and then we dump the pieces out on the table to sort them out. It is important to sort through the pieces and make sure everything is accounted for and there are no missing pieces. Once we have a clear understanding of the picture as a whole and each individual piece, I go to work. 

It is my job to take the time and work towards putting the pieces together in the most efficient manner so that it matches your picture, which I believe is your masterpiece! Like most who work on puzzles, I start with the border to work towards building the structure then I go in and work on the different sections and strive to complete the picture.

Each client is unique, and has a different picture with different pieces to their puzzle. The fulfillment for me is being able to help you work towards putting your pieces together, and the potential to unveil your complete picture.